At the institute were held event on the theme “Our flag - our pride, our pride!”

The state symbols are always sacred and magnificent. It is a bright example of the Motherland, which embodies the past, present and future of the people. After the independence of Uzbekistan, first of all, the symbols of our state were approved. On November 18, 1991 our people became a memorable and timely day. On the same day, the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed the Law “On the State Flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Over the course of the past, the beautiful flag of our beautiful country has swept over the world. Soon we will celebrate the 26th anniversary of our flag reception. Prior to this date, on November 17 of the current year at all the faculties of the institute were organized round tables on the topic “Our flag - our pride, our pride!”. During the round table were attended by professors and teachers of the Department of “Social sciences”, employees of the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment, deputy deans for spiritual and educational work and more than 300 students.  The main purpose of the event is to inform the international community that the international community is an equal member of the international community and to provide a comprehensive coverage of our national-cultural traditions.


Saturday, 18 November 2017 07:52


Tashkent Fashion Week - 2017 (Tashkent Fashion Week 2017)

Autumn is like the most attractive smile of the year. This season is the beginning of a new era, forgetting everything. Tashkent Fashion Week is the most anticipated and bright celebration of the fall season. Within a six-day program from November 14 to November 19, numerous memorable activities are planned. Among them are "National Dress" Festival, Tashkent Fashion Performance, #beyoung (Young Designers Contest) and author's show by domestic and foreign designers. Within the framework of the Tashkent Fashion Week, Uzbek and foreign designers will perform unforgettable workshops. There is also an exhibition of Uzbek national fabrics and applied arts. For the first time in Uzbekistan together with the Embassy of Italy it is planned to hold the exhibition "60 years of Italian fashion". The event was organized by the State, supported by the Uzbekipaksanoat Association and the National Air Company "Uzbekistan Airways", as the main organizer of the event is the Association of Designers of Uzbekistan "Osiyo Ramzi".
The Professional Fashion Week program includes the following activities:
 #beyoung - young designers competition;
Authors of Uzbek and foreign designers;
"National Dress" Festival;
Tashkent Fashion Performance;
Exhibition "60 Years of Italian Fashion";
Workshops and training seminars by leading foreign and local designers;
Uzbek fabrics and Uzbek traditional costume.

In collaboration with the Uzbekipaksanoat Association it is planned to hold an exhibition of Uzbek art and industrial fabrics, which will present traditional samples of costumes on the territory of Uzbekistan. For the first time, Uzbek fashion designers, together with the Bukhara Brilliant Silk, will present their collection of stylish dresses from different silk fabrics.
For the first time, the exhibition "The 60th anniversary of the Italian fashion" in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Uzbekistan will be held within the Tashkent Fashion Week. The exhibition is dedicated to the history and development of Italian fashion and fashion, and from 1950 up to present the Italian costume and fashion designers will be presented. In particular, such brands as Roberta di Camerino, Galitzine, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Versace and others will be presented. The exhibition will run from 15 November 2017 to 15 January 2018 at the State Art Museum. TFW is scheduled to feature "Italian Fashion Day", featuring works by renowned designers such as Antonio Grimaldi, Fulvio Luparia, as well as designers from the Turin fashion week. Guests from France, Korea, Russia and Kyrgyzstan also participated in TFW fashion show with their collections at Tashkent Fashion Performance participate. A total of 850 dresses will be exhibited within the fashion week. In general, Fashion Week promotes a modern and national costume as an unforgettable event and bright holiday. We gladly invite all the young and professional designers to join the Fashion Week, and offer fans a rich and exciting event.

Areas of events: Youth Creativity Center
State Art Museum of Uzbekistan

Thursday, 16 November 2017 12:50



Toshkent to’qimachilik va yengil sanoat institutining Kimyo kafedrasiga quyidagi mollarni sotib olish uchun e’lon berilmoqda. Umumiy narxi - 4500000 (to’rt million besh yuz ming) so’m.

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