We are against drug abuse, healthy life styles!

Taking into account that the United Nations General Assembly condemned "26 June as International Day Against Drug Abuse", "We are for anti-drug addiction, we support healthy life" for the prevention of drug addiction and promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people, under the slogan "On mini football" and "Volleyball" a student sport competition was organized among the students of the Faculty of "Technology of cotton industry" on June 6 this year.


Thursday, 07 June 2018 14:39


Warning period demand

On June 6 of the current year, the round table was held at the 3rd student dormitory of the faculty "Technology of cotton industry". The meeting was attended by Deputy Dean on spiritual and educational affairs I.Yusupov, a teacher of the 3rd campus D.Abdullayev, assistant professor of "Technological machines and equipment" A.Kasimov and students. Participants in the roundtable talked about the terrorist acts that take place at different parts of the world today and the young people entering into the criminal streets who are exposed to the illusions of various human rights advocates by blood clashes talked about the need to be sensitive to every situation around us, to rational use of various social networks that are becoming the focus of ideological threats and information attacks, and the need to shape the Internet culture.


Thursday, 07 June 2018 14:29


Science is the power that enhances the spiritual perfection of man

On June 5, 2018 in the 3rd campus of the Institute of Technology of cotton industry was held a round table discussion on "The science-enhancing power of science". The event was attended by the dean of the faculty on spiritual and educational work I.Yusupov, the teacher of the third camp D.Abdullayev and the students. At the roundtable, it was noted that the richness of the land of Uzbekistan was sealed on a history of history, the beauty of the geniuses, the door to the knowledge of science, the light of the sunlight, and the earth penetrating the pen that the sultans of muhaddis are the hands of our scholars and have made a great contribution to the world civilization, and have reached the level of scholars and perfect people, but only to the scholars.

Wednesday, 06 June 2018 15:09


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