The "Golden Autumn Dinner" show contest was held at the hostel

On November 26, 2017 at the Students' House there was held the competition "Karving" and "Autumn   Dishes" among the students of the faculties, organized by the Women's Committee of the Institute. Various vegetables were given to the students participating in the competition to prepare the several dishes. The students produced artistic forms from vegetables. According to the results of the competition: 1st place student of group ABAA 16a-17 Z.Tursunova, 2nd place TTF 6-17 group student Y.Tashmurodova, 3rd place ABMF 16b-16 group student Sh.Meliqulova and student of PSTF 1a-16 M.Safarova. As part of the competition, the student of the 3 rd-15 group Z.Gurbonova made a great impression of the fruits and was impressed. In the "Golden Autumn Diversity" contest, all students prepared various dishes with pumpkin. In addition, salads with somsa, ravioli, rhubinum, lilac, barak and pumpkin were also prepared. Various souvenirs from Turkish, Korean and other national cuisine were also prepared. The winners of the contest were awarded with certificates and a book by the leadership of the institute.


Wednesday, 29 November 2017 08:05



2017 yil 30 noyabr kuni soat 14:00 da 1-222 xonada ilmiy darajalar bеruvchi 27.06.2017.T.08.01 raqamli ilmiy kеngash yig`ilishi bo`lib o`tadi.

Kun tartibi:
Usmonkulov Sharofjon Qodirqulovichning 05.06.02–“To’qimachilik materiallari texnologiyasi va xomashyoga dastlabki ishlov berish” ixtisosligi bo’yicha “To’quv mashinalarida yangi ikki qatlamli trikotaj to‘qimalarini olish hisobiga trikotaj mahsulotlari sifatini yaxshilash va issiqlik saqlash hususiyatini oshirish” mavzusidagi texnika fanlari bo‘yicha falsafa doktori (PhD) dissеrtatsiyasining himoyasi.
Ilmiy kеngash ilmiy kotibi
            t.f.d., profеssor    A.Z. Mamatov

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 12:30


A week of preventive measures has begun at the faculties of the Institute

On November 27, 2017, a series of preventive measures were held on "Religious extremism, terrorism and its negative consequences" among students and professors of the Faculty of Technology of the cotton industry. The event was attended by R.Maksudov, Vice Rector for Academic Lyceums and Professional Colleges of the Institute, Deputy Head of the Imam of Tashkent City Mr.Raupov, Head of the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment T.Allayarov, deputy deans of the faculty, 20 professors and teachers and 495 students. During the event, the students explained to the students about the hateful actions of innocent people who are currently killing innocent people during the slaughter of terrorists and terrorist acts. The event featured a documentary titled "The Rest of the Dead". The students also shared their views on the subject and received answers from the experts.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017 08:15


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