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Procedure for admission of students
   Statements by applicants for admission to studies made by admission committees of higher educational institutions from 20 June to 20 July inclusive, and the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan from June 20 to July 15.
Entrant Entry is:
-A statement indicating the direction of education, forms and language learning (in declaration indicates the end of the higher education institution or the lack of higher education);
-The original instrument of secondary, vocational or professional education;
A medical information form number 086;
-Copy of passport;
-6 Photographs 3,5 x4, 5.
Translation and restoration of students is based on the provisions on procedures and rules of translation, recovery and contributions of students (pupils) educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan "registered by the Ministry of Justice July 18, 2009 № 1984.


                   -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
                   -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
                                       (Name of school)
                                         admission documents

                Citizen (Key )---------------------------------------------- ----------------
                direction ------------------------------------------------ --------------


       2.Photoi (3x4, 6 pcs.)
       3.Medical inquary (086 V)
       4.Document on education
       5.Passport Copy
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------
              (Certificate, diploma)

        Reception of documents ----------------------------------------------- -----------------
                                                       (Signature) (Name)

                                    Dear Applicant
         Selection committee of school entrant leases the following documents:
   a statement indicating the direction, form and language of instruction;
   the original instrument of middle or secondary education;
   photographs (3x4, 6 pcs.)
   original instrument winners of international, national competitions, contests and competitions entitling admission to college without competition;
   applicants, having passed military service in military units and having the direction of military units - a recommendation.
     In the special correspondence department of educational areas of training are accepted teaching staff with specialized secondary education, with 3-year educational work experience. From entering into special correspondence department of educational areas of training required of authorized copy of the employment record in the appropriate form.
    Passport and a document on military duty applicant presents a selection committee in person.
    Applicants with the above documents the selection committee may not refuse to accept documents
    The second and the following higher education citizens are entitled to receive
contract basis ("Education Law", article 14).
  for three days in advance before the start of testing each applicant should familiarize themselves with the buildings, auditoriums and Layout, numbers and locations of audiences, which will be tested.
     Cover sheet indicating the number of applicant receives from the selection committee for 3 days prior to the start of testing ..
     In all areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan tested in the afternoon, correspondence and special correspondence courses are conducted on the basis of "Regulations on the admission of" in Uzbek, Karakalpak (in the Republic of Karakalpakstan) and Russian languages ​​in one day at a time
     On the day of testing applicants entrance into the building begins with a 7.30 in the morning. Entrant at the entrance to the building and person in the audience makes the resolution and a passport. Log in applicants is carried out with 8.00 hours for the group number.
     On test trials may not attempt to calculators, dictionaries, reference books, tables, books, cell phones and cribs.
     After the start of tests (after 8.30) Applicants are not allowed.
    With applicants, latecomers to the test trials. Additional testing is not performed.
    Applicants is tested in the language to what language will be implemented in educational institutions.
    During testing, applicants should meet the following requirements:
 - Scrutinize the Book of questions and answer sheets. If there are any typographical errors, inaccuracies applicant shall inform the head of an audience and get another book of questions and answer sheets (applicant must report errors and errors of up to 9.00 hours after the claim is not accepted).
  The field of this applicant carefully studying the section of the book answers "Attention applicants;
   verify the compliance version of the book of questions and answer sheet;
   before answering the questions applicant must bear the number of your answer sheet and an option in his badge and a title page;
   all records, paint on the answer sheet, book issues, the title page, omissions performed only entrant with a ballpoint pen with blue ink;
   in the appropriate place answer sheet entrant writes information about itself and paints circles;
   with a cover sheet to the appropriate place answer sheet entrant carries a special code, area codes, area, the fog of his school, the number of schools, colleges and specialty;
     Books in all the blocks of questions given to 36 questions and 5 responses (A, B, C, D, E). Entrant must find only one correct answer and mark in the book and at the end of the test to be moved to the answer sheet;
     to respond to 108 questions given 3 hours, 72 questions 2 hours;
    applicant has the right to answer questions at their discretion and when moving in the sheet should not be confused in places items. To transfer the answers to the sheet is given an additional 20 minutes;
      marked the correct answers questions from the Book of applicant carries the answer sheet on blocks and paint. A foreign language entrant fills its corresponding block;
     it should be noted only one answer. If there will be celebrated on 2 or more answers are not given points;
     completed Answer Sheets are the main document assessing the level of student knowledge;
    for correct filling answer sheet corresponds to an applicant himself;
    objections to applicants incorrectly filled and confused the Answer Sheet shall not be considered as an appeal;
    during the test runs out of the audience for whatever reason zapreschen.Vyshedshie from the audience back are not allowed;
   during the testing of applicants is forbidden to talk to each other, help each other, suggests to transfer the material testing, used
 calculators, dictionaries, tables, books, cell phones, cheat sheets, make copies of the test documents;
   applicant, violating the above rules and violates the discipline during the test is removed from the classroom to the completion of the act established sample and removal of test materials;
   applicant who has completed the work before the allotted time has come to the table head audience, and deliver him a book of questions, answer sheet and cover sheet, indicate in the statement in front of his name when taking the test materials, sign and get out of the audience themselves with a pass and passport.
   After the expiration of the time tests the head audience to announce the completion of testing, applicants at the same time stand up from their seats, in order, starting from the back table, comes to the table to pass the test materials, hand over the head of the Book of audience questions, answer sheet and cover sheet, indicate in the statement opposite the names of its time of delivery, put the sign in and out of the audience themselves with a pass and passport.
   In the designated areas in the answer sheet, an applicant can express their opinion on tests painting.
    The State testing center organized by the Commission for the Study of opinions and complaints of citizens about the tests conducted by applicants.
    The Commission shall include decision-makers and experts from the test center on the subjects. Composition of the Commission approved the Director National Center for testing.
    Statements made in a test center within a month after the announcement of replies tests. Applications are reviewed within ten days after registration.
    Applications are reviewed with the participation of the applicant. The applicant's parents are also eligible to participate in the consideration. The applicant must appear before the commission with the passport and pass the appointed day. In consideration of the issue to the applicant an opportunity to get acquainted with their answer papers, he explained to them the error committed by using his Book of Questions.
     After considering the application the applicant shall be drawn up and signed by members of the commission and the applicant.
    Conclusion granted the State Commission of Uzbekistan for admission to higher education.
    The applicant is entitled to assert their rights to appeal to other government agencies.

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