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The place and the time of recieving citizens


Surname Name Patronymic name

Job position

Reception Area (room)

Days of reception


Yunusov Saloxiddin Zununovich

The chairman of entering commission, rector

Home building

room 203

Monday, Wednesday from

1400  to 1700


Kamilova Xolida Hafizovna

Vice-chairman of entering commission, vice-rector of study affairs

Home building

room 203

Tuesday, Friday from 1500  to 1700


Gulamov Azamat Eshanqulovich

Responsible secretary of entering commission, vice-rector of scientific affairs

Home building

room 203

Every working day of the week from

1500 to 1700


Call center:
+99871 253 36 66
+99895 145 27 81


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