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Review of appeals filed on the results of testing


Applicants who are dissatisfied with the results of the tests are eligible to apply for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the period from August 20 to August 30 (in accordance with working hours, ten calendar days without days off). the Appellate Commission approved by the Commission, has the right to file a complaint in writing or electronically in accordance with the present Charter (further enhancement of admissions procedures for higher education institutions) according to the form given in Attachment 13.
Applicants will be notified of the appeal within three working days.
The appeal is accepted at the State Testing Center and its branches in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions.
A copy of the applicant's permit shall be attached to the complaint.
During the consideration of the appeal, the Appeal Commission has the right to involve the members of the Admissions Committee, the State Testing Center, and the Group Supervisors on the relevant issues.
Applicant who has filed an appeal must come with a passport and entrant's entitlement on the day of the notice.
An applicant will be given a copy of his / her answer sheet, the list of test items incorrectly completed, and a test report submitted to the applicant for the test.
On the basis of the submitted documents, the applicant submits his / her answer to each test report and submits it to the Appeal Commission along with all the test materials that he / she has received.
The appellate complaint is considered by the Appeals Commission only in the presence of the applicant and on the basis of his written responses. If the written response of the applicants has not been confirmed, the Appeal Commission shall make a decision to leave the test results unchanged and refuse to comply with the appeal.
Applicant's answer sheet does not cover the complaint of the applicant who did not submit the test report to the State Testing Center in the prescribed manner, torn, or denied a test or did not provide a written answer.
The following are not permitted during the appeals process:
Attempting to bring into the room where the appeal is being carried out by mobile phones, computers, telecommunications equipment and luggage (except for tables, tables);
to pass the test materials to another applicant in the appellate process, to assist them or to get help;
tear the sheet of test tasks book.
Information on the decision of the Appeal Commission shall be submitted to the educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan within five working days upon expiry of the appeal process to the State Commission for Admissions.
The applicant may appeal the decision of the appeal commission on the results of consideration of the appeal, in the order established by the legislation.


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