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Preparation of scientific-pedagogical personnel.


Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel - is the next stage of continuous system of education. Put in place an advanced system of education, the following higher educational institutions, operating on the basis of the State program "Year of harmonic generation", the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from November 2, 2010 № PQ-1426 on improving the system of training the highest qualification scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, improvement of the system of training the highest qualification scientific and pedagogical staff in higher educational and scientific-research institutes, raised to a new stage of the quality of education in a higher educational institution, further expansion of the scale of the ongoing system works in attracting talented young people to scientific-research activity.
In order to create the necessary conditions for the creative and intellectual activity of the talented young people, starting from November 1, 2010, instead of postgraduate studies organized by the Institute of " trainee-researcher " the applicant", the training period 3goda, instead of doctoral studies Institute "senior researcher of the applicant", the training period of 2-3 years (according to field of study).
In order to create the necessary conditions for the preparation of highly qualified specialists, possessing modern methods and means of scientific research, educational and independent scientific-pedagogical activities will be open Institute of probationers-researchers-candidates in educational institutions and scientific-research institutes with modern scientific-research base.
For the purpose of training scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification in the priority areas of science and technology and, first of all, in the sphere of fundamental research and implementation of scientific-technical programs and priority directions of science and technology in the Republic and its regions will be organized by the Institute of senior researchers-candidates in prestigious high schools and scientific research institutes, having a base of research laboratories.

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