The Bachelor degree


A bachelor degree - base higher education with fundamental knowledge on one of directions of higher education with duration of training not less than four years. Duration of training in a bachelor degree on the job increases not less than for one year.
On end of educational program of a bachelor degree following the results of the state certification to graduates the academic degree "bachelor" in a preparation direction is awarded, the diploma of the state sample with the loose leaf and a corresponding breastplate stands out.
 The general requirements to the maintenance of educational program necessary for level of readiness of the bachelor, the maximum volume of an academic load, procedure and mechanisms of quality assurance of a professional training are defined «by the State educational standard of higher education. Substantive provisions», the confirmed decision of the Cabinet of Republic Uzbekistan from August, 16th, 2001 № 343 (Meeting of the legislation of Republic Uzbekistan, 2001, № 15-16, item 104).
The characteristic of sphere and kinds of professional work of the bachelor, qualifying requirements and requirements on subject matters, structure and the educational program maintenance, mechanisms of its realisation and quality assurance are defined by the state educational standard in a concrete direction of preparation.
 On the basis of the state educational standards of corresponding directions of a bachelor degree curricula and the programs of the subject matters confirmed by authorised state body on management by higher education are developed.
 In a bachelor degree possibility of the accelerated development of full educational programs on interfaced (providing continuity) to curricula the persons having an average special, vocational training of one profile (similar on to preparation) with a higher education direction is supposed.
The list of directions and conditions of a professional training on the interfaced curricula defines the Republic Uzbekistan Cabinet.
 The bachelor is prepared:

  • To work in a preparation direction on the posts which are subject to replacement by persons with higher education;
  • To higher education continuation in a magistracy on the selected speciality within a corresponding direction of a bachelor degree;
  • To reception of additional vocational training in system of retraining and improvement of professional skill of shots.

 The right of preparation of bachelors in directions new to the higher educational institution is given when due hereunder by the Republic Uzbekistan Cabinet under the petition of the authorised state body on management of higher education.

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