Corporate governance


Full name of department: Corporate governance
Founded year:
2015 y.
The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajy area, Street Shohkzhahon 5

      The department "Corporative management" was formed in 2015, as a result of structured transformation in institute (in total associations of the  "Management" and "Accounting and аудит"). For present-day day in composition of the  realize scientifically-pedagogical activity 42 teachers: of them 2 professors, 12 assistant professors, 13 senior teachers and 15 assistents. Alongside with preparation bachelor on direction "Corporative management" at present on pulpit in accordance with resolution of the Cabinet minister of the Republic Uzbekistan from December 28 2012   365 "About measure on the further improvement of the system послевузовского formation and qualifications scientific and scientifically-pedagogical personnel(frames) to high qualification" prepare scientifically-pedagogical personnel(frames) that is to say 3 members of the pulpit, terminate preparation doctoral thesis, 4 members of the  - a senior scientific employees and one competitor has prepared the doctoral thesises to protect.



1.    Theory of management.
2.    Theory of economy.
3.    Statistics.
4.    The management of human resources
5.    The methods and modeling of economy and math.
6.    Marketing.
7.    Economy of enterprise.
8.    Organization and normalization of labour.
9.    Economical analysis.
10.    Inter-firm planning.
11.    Organization of producing in the enterprises.
12.    Strategical management.
13.    Innovational management.
14.    Producing management.
15.    Standardization, certification and managing of quality.
16.    Extra economical activity.
17.    The basis of management and business planning.
18.    The branches of economy. Organization of production and business planning .
19.    The branches of economy and marketing.
20.    Organization of production and marketing.
21.    Management and economy.
22.     International management.
23.    Institutional economy.
24.    Controlling risks.
25.    Economic geography and ecology
26.    History of Economic scientist
27.    Macroeconomics
28.    Microeconomics
29.    System of National Accounts
30.    Theory of Accounting
31.    Management Accounting
32.    Theory of Economic Analysis
33.    Financial Statements
34.    Finance
35.    Money, Credit and Banks
36.    The organization and financing of investments
37.    Taxes and taxation
38.    Financial management
39.    Audit
40.    Financial accounting
41.    Financial and Management Analysis
42.    Banking
43.    Logistics
44.    Insurance45.    FME
 1. S.G. Qodirov-chair, assistant professor
2. N.M. Mahmudov- professor
3. A.A. Hoshimov professor.
4. S.N. Yuldashev assistant professor
5. R.A. Isaev assistant professor.
6. D.T. Yusupov assistant professor.
7. H.A. Temirov assistant professor.
8. S.R. Topildiev assistant professor.
9. H.A. Mavlyanberdieva assistant professor.
10. A.A. Majidov assistant professor.
11. A.N. Fazylova assistant professor.
12. Z. Pardayev assistant professor.
13. G.G. Umarov assistant professor.
14. Sh. Mazhidov assistant professor.
15. M.M. Mirzakarimova assistant professor.
16. D.M. Makhmudov v. senior teacher
17. R.T. Akramova senior teacher
18. L.G. Kodirova senior teacher.
19. M.A.Nuritdinova senior teacher.
20. M.N. Umarov senior teacher.
21. T.S. Saidmurodova. senior teacher.
22. S.S. Yusupov art. senior teacher.
23. A.O. Olimov senior teacher.
24. D.S. Fayzullaeva senior teacher.
25. F.P. Asimovа senior teacher.
26. M.A. Mamanazarov assistаnt
27. L.S. Asimov's assistаnt
28. G.H. Normatov assistаnt.
29. F.A. Akramov assistаnt
30. A.T. Berdieva assistаnt.
31. I.B. Zhumaniyazov assisteаnt.
32. G.S. Yakubov assistаnt
33. F.I. Isaev assistаnt
34. M.R. Hudoykulov assistаnt
35. M.A. Mansurov assistаnt.
36. O.T. Sattorov assistаnt
37. O.A. Davronov assistаnt.
38. M.H. Temirov assistаnt
39. B. Murodov assistаnt
40. N. Muminov assistаnt
41. N.Raupova assistаnt
42. O.Otaniyozov assistаnt
43. Z.B.Sharipova assistant
44. D.K. Mukhitdinova  laboratory assistant


             In framework of the signed cooperation agreements with companies in the "Uzpahtasanoat" (gins: "Uzbekistan", «TSI Korasu" and the audit organization, "Odile Audit" organized practical training of students, preparation of qualification papers.

                                                                             NEWS OF DEPARTMENT 
1. The PhD, Professor A.A.HASHIMOV and Ph.D., Assoc A.A.MADZHIDOV in 2014 year is released scholastic allowance " PAXTA TOZALASH KORXONALARIDA BUXGALTERIYA HISOBI " in the publishers "SHarq" amount 14p.l.
2. The Senior teacher Pardaeva Z.A. in coauthorship with PhD, professor A.X. Pardaev released the textbook "BOSHQARUV HISOBI" for student direction "Accounting and аudit"

                                                                 TECHNICAL BASE OF THE DEPARTMENT  

There is a computer class in the department. There are 12 computers. These computers are used for teaching students, as well as the students may take all necessary information from it.

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The number of confidence:

The number of confidence:


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