Department of "Languages"


Full name of department: Department of “Languages”
Founded year: 1932 y.
adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   


 “Department of languages ” was founded in 1932, at first trained only in English language. Further French and German languages were added. In current of these years chair headed by M.I.Topolsky, A.G.Rozin, M.T.Ibragibov, R.I.Mishelevich.
1987-2005 A.S.Saidov was a head of the chair. 2006-2011 the head of chair was senior teacher Ikramhanova E.I., 2011-2012 the head of chair was senior teacher H.JU.Jonbekova
For today with this problem E.I. Ikramhanova successfully consults. Also with skilled teachers, young assistants  Alimkulova N.C, Jusufalieva Sh, Avakulov А, Sattorova С.T. work here.   In 2013-2014 study year the department of “Foreign languages” was renamed in the department of “English language”, so German and French languages  were transferred to the department   of “Languages”. For the present day in the department is taught only one language English.
In 2015 Department of Languages and English language departments  were joined in one department. This department is called Department of languages. The head of department is appointed Ikromhonova Feruza Ikramovna.

English, German, French and Russian  and Uzbek languages
 Practical English, German language


On chair mugs on English “Happy English”, on Russian «Грамматейка», on Uzbek «Ёш тилшунос», on German “Schawble”, on French language “Table ronde” actively work. On these mugs students strengthen the literacy, are engaged in transfers and study correctly to write the business documentation. With it they are helped especially by leading teachers of chair: M.R.Hasanova, A.B.Bekmuratova, S.Galimova,  N.A.Muminova, G.K.Sejdanova, S.T.Kalandarova, D.M.Shahobutdinova.
For present  students there are  additional lessons. On chair there is a language laboratory, computer classes and diaprojectors, answering to modern standards. All means having on department, help to strengthen knowledge of languages. Within an academic year teachers prepare students for the various Olympic Games, conferences, grants etc. Our students for today receive knowledge in such countries as Korea, India, Turkey and Canada.
 In computers there are programs training to languages, and also it is possible to check up the knowledge received during a practical training. On chair lessons on English language for professor-teaching structure TITLI  are regularly conducted
            Lingo-phone class
In this class we have 14 equipments . Students not only listen but also see movies in English and debate them in foreign language. Of course these technical facilities help students to foreign language more deeply.

 1. Chair – c.p.s Ikramhanova Feruza Ikramovna
2. Senior teacher Jonbekova Hamida Juldashevna
3. Senior teacher Ruzmetova Novval Vahabovna. 
2.    4 Senior teacher Hasanova Matluba Rixsivayevna
5 Senior teacher Seydanova Gulnash Kaldibekovna
3.    6 Senior teacher K alandarova Sofiya Tohirovna
4.    7 Senior teacher Boymanov Xabibullo Abdullayevich
8 Assistant Sattorov Hajrulla Razzakovich
9. Assistant Avlakulov Avaz Ismailovich
10. Assistant Alikulova Nargiz Shavkatovna
11. Assistant Yusupalieva Shakhnoza Khakimdzhanovna
12. Assistant Sattorova Saodat Todzhimatovna
13. Assistant Vahabova Yakuthon Abdukadirovna
14.Asistant Rozikova Feruza Kalimdzhanovna
15.Assistant Hakimova Barnoxon
16 Assistant Djurayeva Nilufar
17 Assistant Islomova Zulfiya Rustamovna
18.Assistant Artikova Shoira Muhammedovna
19.Assistant Zakirova Saodat Alimovna
20. Assistant Muminova Nargiza Ab Adurahmanovna.
21.Assistant Galimova Saule Dju mabekovna
22. Assistant Bekmuratova Avezjon Djadigerovna
23. Assistant Tolipova Aida Muratovna
24.Assistant Homroqulova Nihola Shavkatovna
25.  Assistant Shaxobutdinova Dilnoza Muxiddinovna
26.  Assistant Salimova Dilorom Rayimjonovna
27. Assistant Yuldasheva Dildora Mahmudjanovna
28. Assistant Holikova Shahlo Uktamovna
29.Laborant Abduazimova Muazzam Abduqayumovna
30. Head of the classes Pardayeva Shohista Honimqulovna
31. Laborant  Salimova  Iroda Zakirjanovna

To attention teachers and to students of institute
For those who is interested in learning of English languages are opened additional classes.Phone for demands: 253-64-13 Ikramhanova Feruza Ikramovna 
Kоmpyutеr sinfi
The department of “English Language”  was united with the department  “Languages” renamed   and by the order of the rector of the Institute  the structures of these departments were changed. By the order of the rector these departments were called as one department “Languages”
The teachers of the department Abdalieva T, and Mirazimova S were fired on the 1 of July in 2015. Nowadays there are  28 stuff in the department  among them: 22 english, 1 french, 0.5 german, 1.05 uzbek, 3 russian rates.
At present Z.I.Islomova gave her documents for assistant competition .

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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