Protection of labour and ecology


Full name of department: Protection of labour and ecology

Founded year: 1934 y.

adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5

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"Protection of labour and ecology" department was founded in 1934. First  the department was called "Building business " and belonged to "  Primary cotton ginning " faculty. Originally the department was headed by  doc. А.P. Petrov, and later by  doct .t.s.  prof. D.L.Кelbert till 1972. Since 1972 the department was headed by c..t.s. doc. Hamidov S.T.   Since 1980 the head of the department was doc. О.К. Кudratov, and in 1990 - 1998-c.t.s., doc. Т.А.Ganiyev. In 1998 -2008 the department was headed by doc. О.К.Кudratov. From 2008 to 2012 the department was headed by doc. R.S.Razikov. In 2012 the department is managed by candidate of technichol science doc. Ahmatov M.A. This time the department is docent 
Since 1935 till the present time more than 41000 qualified engineers, 3200 bachelors, 600 masters were trained at the department. 16 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of technical science were prepared.
    The teachers of the department made  more than 42 textbooks and manuals 4 studying applies,  they published  1464 scientific articles, 3600 methodical appliances, and also got 28 patents and  certificates.Now  There are 1 professor, 5 docents, 1 candidates of sciences, 4 senior  teachers, 5 assistants and the head of  laboratory 1laborant. Ecological circle was founded at the department,  more than 10 students annually take part  in the work of the circle.
    On the course of “ Protection of labour” 12 laboratorial works  and 6 practical classes are held. 
They are provided with all necessary tools and methodical instructions , and also with virtual stands.
        Subjects FOR  BACHELORS:
 International cooperation
1. Ecology.
2. Protection of labour
3. Protection of labour and ecology
4. Civil protection.
5. Safety of vital functions.
6. Aerodynamics and pneumotransport.        
7. Industrial ventilation Basics 
 The department is closely connected  to the leading Institutes of Russia and Kazakhstan: Moscow Textile Academy, Textile academy of  Ivanov, Technological University of Kazakhstan.
   Majority of teachers of this department  increased their qualification in these Institutes and leading firms of foreign countries such as ( Algeria, Portugal, German, India, Czech). Two teachers of the department trained  their qualification at Higher technical University of Moscow named after Bauman.

For holding laboratorial and practical classes on following  subjects " Protection of labour", 

"Civil protection", "Aerodynamics and pneumotransport", "Ecology" there are such devices as anemometers MC-13 and BAMM, micromanometer SAGI, psichrometers by August and Assman, gasanalizator  UG-5, luxmeter Yu-116, device for defining specific resistance of a ground M-416, vibrograph VR-1, sound level meter IShV-1, device for defining flare temperature  PBNE, training apparatus VITIM, aspirator M-822, electronic balance etc.  

  Classes are held on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies. For this purpose on the department there are: a computer class, 8 computers Pentium-4, printer HPDJ 1010, scanner HP3530 and projector MP610 Digital.



1. Yo‘ldocheva Ozoda Mexammadsodiq qizi doc., c.t.s.  head of the department

2. Agzamov Mirsolih, d.t.s.

3. Axmatov Mamarasul Axmatovich, doc.,c. t.s.

4. Maxmudov Yusuf Abdusaidovich,  doc.,c. t.s.

5. Аhmеdоv Jаhоngir Аdхаmоvich, doc., c.t.s.

6. Umаrоv Tаl’аt Kаzimоvich, doc., c.t.s.

7. Djalilova Maxfuza Salexovna, thesenior teacher

8. Mаnsurоvа Nаrgizа Sаidkаrimоvnа, thesenior teacher

9. Isaxadjayeva Gulnoza Midxatovna, thesenior teacher

10. Urmanov Nurmat Tulkunovich, assistant.

11. Arabov Jamoliddin Sadriddinovich, assistant.

12. Yusupov Islom Ilhom o`g`li, assistant.

13. Navrozov Nodir ilhom o`g`li, assistant.

14. Iskandarova Nigora Qurvanbekovna, assistant.

15. Niyazova Mavjuda Saidaliyevn, assistant.

16. Muqimov Nuriddin Baxtiyarovich, assistant.

17. Mirzayev Otabek Abdukarimovich, assistant.

18. Xodjimuratov Inomjon-head of cabinet

19. Salimov Otabek- laborant

20. Baxodirov Oybek- laborant


Call center:
+99871 253 36 66
+99895 145 27 81

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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