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Technology Faculty of textile industry
Dean  K.R.Avazov

The faculty of textile industry and technology was founded in 1932. Nowadays  there are 906 students  study in it. They are taught by 99 professors- teachers  as well as 1 academician, 9 doctors of science, 55 candidates  of science,  docents work efficiently here. At the same time they work at 15 actual themes and do scientific researches and inculcate them to the studying process. 
From 2005 to 2006 the faculty of Mechanic technology was joined with the faculty of "Engineering pedagogy”  and became the faculty of textile industry and technology.  At present the head of the faculty   is  Avazov Komil Raxmatovich  candidate of technical science, docent.
 Nowadays  we have a lot of tasks and matters. The main of them is “the  national program of preparation personnel”, second of all - the tasks of quality levels production, it means establishing information basis and technical equipments  in the faculty. Third of all supplying with high quality text books and new pedagogical technologies for the students of the faculty. For the lyceums and colleges  we try to  create and supply  them with e-books, methodical
appliances  and in this way to improve the quality of study. We have the main task to provide graduators with job.

Avazov Komil Raxmatovich


Doniyorov Bektosh Bahodirovich Associate Dean

Abdullayev Oybek Safarovich - Associate Dean

Mamatkarimov Sarvar Abdukayumovich   Associate dean

Fields of Education
 The departments of the faculty

Bachelor degree direction

  • 5310900-Metrology, standartization and  quality the products of management (cotton, weaving and light industry)
  • 5320900-technology and construction of light industry goods 

Master degree direction

  • 5A320901-Technology reworking raw materials of textile industry (according to raw material type)
  • 5A320904-Technology of producing textile industry (goods types of the goods)
  • 5A320906-Creative constructing of textile industry goods (dissinators)
  • 5A320905 –Quality control and expertise of textile and light industry goods (textile, light and cotton industry)

1. Department of "Technology of textile fabrics"
2. Science
3. Social disciplines
4. High mathematics
5. The department of technology of chemistry
6. Textile materiology
7. Technologies of silk and spinning department


Advanced students
The main working activity of the stuff of the faculty is involving national program of preparing personnel, strengthening the control of the students, creating individual system of student’s control which helps to increase the quantity of advanced students. 2 of the students are stipend ants of the institute.

Students who get scholarship of academician: Beruni:

- Student 21-14 Artikbayeva Roza

Students who get scholarship of academician Hadjinova :
- Student 9-14 Xujamuratova Sevara;


Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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The number of confidence:


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