The department of «Technology of silk and spinning»


Fayzullaev Shavkat Raimovich Full name of department: The department of «Technology of silk and spinning»
Founded year: 1932 y.

Adress: The City of Tashkent, Yakkasaraysky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
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    The department  has begun the activity in 2013 after association of two chairs «Technology of spinning» and «Technology of silk» which have been formed in 1932. The chair prepares highly skilled experts in «Technology of spinning of natural and chemical fibers» and «Technology of silk» for Republic of Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.
The head of the department- docent Sh. R. Fayzullaev.
On chair 3 doctors of technical science, 3 professors, 9 candidates of technical science.
     The chair «Technology of silk and spinning» is a part of faculty «Technology of the textile industry» and Designing and technology of products of light industry »(Technology of silk, Technology of spinning) and masters on a specialty 5A320901« Technology of processing of textile raw materials »(Technology of silk, Technology of spinning) prepares bachelors in a direction 5320900.  

Taught subjects in the department of  «Technologies of silk and spinning»

For bachelor course
 For masters

In a direction 5320900 «Designing and technology of products of light industry»
•    The equipment and technology of textile products
•    Designing of technological processes.
•    Methods and research means.

•    Special technology.
•    Professional skills and engineering office-work

•  educational workshop


 In a direction 5А320901 “Technology of processing of textile raw materials on a specialty (Technology of silk and spinning)
 Theoretical bases of spinning of a yarn

•    Technology of processing of fibers without waste
•    Theoretical bases of manufacture of a twisted yarn
•    Quality laboratory and the equipment of a modern spinning mill

•    Theoretical bases of manufacture and silk processing
•    Тhe"know-how"of silk without waste
•    Тhe"Know-how" chemical and textile  threads
•    Тhe Theoretical basis of  physical and chemical and structural structure of silk products
•    Modern management of technological processes

    It is paid the big attention to a choice of vital topics for degree projects and master  dissertations and to their introduction in manufacture. Industrial practice practice students pass at the enterprises for a specialty and modern joint ventures.

1.    Sh. R. F1.    Sh. R. Fayzullaev  -   head of the department., docent
2.  А.E. Gulamov-, docent
3.  X.А. Аlimova   -, professor
4.  Q.J. Jumaniyazov  -  ,, professor
5.  Q.G‘. G‘ofurov   -, professor
6.  S.L. Matismailov  -, docent
7.  A.P. Pirmatov    -, docent
8.  А.V. Korabelnikov   -, docent
9.   N.M.  Islambekova, docent
10. M.Sh. Xoliyarov   -, docent
11. K.R. Avazov -
12. G.А. Yusupxodjaeva - senior teacher
13. O.O. Rajapov  -  senior teacher
14. Sh.R. Aripova   - assistant
15. Sh.F. Mahkamova  - senior teacher
16. U.N. Аzamatov - senior teacher
17. А.P. Eshmirzaev  -   assistant
18. F.F.Raxmatullinov-   assistant
19. X.X.Umurzakova - assistant
20. M. Аbduraxmonova - head of cabinet
21. A.R. Abdumuxtorov  - study master
22. D.X.Zakirova - study master
23. Z.E. Erkinov - senior staff scientist
24. S.S.KHaydarov -  laborant
25. S. .R. Raxmatov  - laborant
26. I.Maxkamova - laborant

         On chair there are modern educational classes, for carrying out of a practical training and research works in educational laboratory the German equipment of firms "Truetzschler", «Zinser», «Volkman» is established. Also for definition of indicators of quality there is a certified centre, a computer class, system "Teacher" for the control of knowledge of students. For carrying out of lectures and a practical training the electronic board is established. On chair there are modern study-lecture roome and the educational laboratory equipped with the necessary equipment, devices for carrying out practical and laboratory researches to students. In educational laboratory of chair are available applied in the enterprises the modern Japanese equipment “NAKAGOSHI”, “MASUZAWA”, “KOKUBUN”, “HARADA” for development and raw silk processing. On chair electronic textbooks, texts of lectures, an study-methodical complex and animation models, video films on technological processes of spinning and the silk industry are developed.


      The chair «Technology of silk and spinning» co-operates with several foreign HIGH SCHOOLS and with the enterprises of the given branch. In particular, 
- Textile Department of University Gent (Belgium)
- Institute of technology Peraeus (Greece)
- The Ivanovo State Textile Academy (Russia)
- The Moscow State Academy (Russia)
- The St.-Petersburg Textile Academy (Russia)
- Kostroma Technological University (Russia)
- The Korean institute of technology (South Korea)

For realization «the National program at a professional training» the following is undertaken: the world experience is studied and takes root into educational process, scientific works on chair «Technology of silk and spinning» will be improved, the faculty raise qualification in the foreign educational centers, the chair expands the relation with foreign international funds.

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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