Department of "Technology of textile fabrics"


Full name of department: Department of "Technology of textile fabrics"
Founded year: 1932 y.
Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 The history of the Department  began in 1932 with the establishment of Tashkent Textile institute, only of its kind in Central Asia. Department activity was not limited to the organization of educational process, the scientific work of educational and research character also was spent. The department of “Technology of textile fabrics” began to function under the supervision of  the senior lecturer Faina Kungurtseva Stepanovna, who came in the year 1935 from Moscow, Russia, supervised the department almost 40 years and taught many students. Aftermath the department was supervised and managed by the following professors and senior lecturers in the years 1970-1971 by senior lecturer Abdullaev Z.A., in 1971-1982 by professor Alimbaev E.SH, in the years 1982-1990 by the senior lecturer Getsonok B.I, during 1990-1998 by the senior lecturer Rahimhodjaev S.S, during 2001-2004 Damonov A.D, in the years 2004-2006 by senior lecturer Khasanov B.K., in the years 2006-2007 by the senior lecturer Boymurodov B, in the years  2008-2010 Yunuskhodjaeva M.R.,  and in the years  2010-2012  by the senior manager Abdullaev U.T.  
In 1940s and 50s the department trained experts not only for Republic Uzbekistan, but also for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and number of other states. In 1980s under the special target program experts of weaving and knitted technology have been prepared for Vietnam and the Republic of Cuba. The engineers prepared these years became not only leading experts, and also heads of the large enterprises of textile branch. Among them the general director of the Tashkent Textile Company Z.A.Abdullaev, the Deputy Minister of Light Industry A.B.Burhanov and many others.
      Together with them the graduates who have got education on department, also became public representative leaders of social systems. So, in days of independence and we are proud of deputies Oliy Majlis H.N.Lukmanov, F.Akromov who took part in the announcement of independence of Republic Uzbekistan.
      In the 2011-2012  academic year the two departments named, “Technology of weaving”(1935) and “Technology of stockinet production” (1968), were merged into one and named “Technology of weaving fabrics”. Kodirova D.N started to supervise this division. In 2015 new alterations were imposed. Specifically, the new subdivision of “Profession education” (5320900- Construction technology of the objects of light industry (Weaving industry)) is added.

Prof. Mukimov M.M. Creation of new structures of knitted interlacing, research the properties and substantiation of resource economy technologies.
Prof. Siddikov P. S. Creation of new assortment of abr fabrics.
Doc. Raximxodjaev S.S. Creation of shoe fabrics with the set properties.
Doc.Yunusxodjaeva M.R.Technology and producing of duplicating fabrics.
Doc. Mirusmonov B.F.Technology and producing of cotton-silk knitting.
Doc.Kodirova D.N. Creation of technology of new assortment transferring belts. Technology of carpet products.
Doc. Baymuratov B.H.Technology and producing of electro conductive fabrics.
Doc. Khankhadjayeva N.R. Creation the technology and producing of pattern knitting.

Programs and Degrees
 department staff
The department trains experts in a direction of bachelor degree 5320900 - «Technology and designing of products of light industry» and masters on specialties 5А320904 - «Technology of textile products (technology of weaving and knitting)», 5А320906 - «Art designing of products of the textile industry (dessinator)»

Trained subjects
On department on a direction of a bachelor degree 5320900 - «the Technology and designing of products of light industry» training in 6 courses, masters on specialties 5А320904 - «Technology of textile products (technology of weaving and knitting)» in 11 courses, 5А320906 - «Art designing of products of the textile industry (dessinator)» in courses.
These include the following specialized disciplines:
The special technology of products on weaving and knitting;
-Technology and the equipment of textile products;
- The theory of a fabric structure;
- Art designing bases;
- Modern ways of a fabric designing;
- The theory of processes of preparation of raw materials of weaving;
- Decorating of fabric by way of weaving;
- Theoretical bases of interlooping processes;
- Theoretical bases of patternmaking;
- Theoretical bases of resource economy technology;
- Sewing technology of knit wears;
-CAD systems of weaving and knitting.

1.Kadirova Dilfuza Neymatovna – head of department, docent
2.Mukimov Mirabzal Mirayubovich - professor
3.Siddiqov Patxillo Siddiqovich -  professor
4.Raximxodjaev Saidvoris Saidgazievich -
5.Xasanov Baxodir Kimsanovich - docent
6.Mirusmonov Baxtiyor Farruxovich - docent
7.Baymuratov Baxodir Xoldarovich – docent
8.Xanxadjayeva Nilufar Raximovna - docent
9.Abdullayev Ulug’bek Tulanboyevich - docent
10.Sodiqova Naima Rahmatovna - docent
11.Yunusov Kamoliddin Zunnunovich - docent
12.Qodirova Mapirat Alijanovna - senior teacher
13.Uzakova Umida Rakhimjanovna - senior teacher
14.Yusupova Nodira Baxtiyarovna – assistant
15.Musaev Nuriddin - assistant
16.Mirsodiqov Mirzoid Mirzohidovich - assistant
17.Rasulov Xamza Yuldashevich - assistant
18.Khamidova Dilafruz Umarovna - assistant
19.Musayeva Muxayyo Mirhotamovna - assistant
20.Umarova Shoira Ravshanovna - assistant
21.Ismailova Durdona Alisherovna - assistant
22.Qosimov Diyor Nematullaevich - assistant
23.Uzakov Umid Talibovich - assistant 
24.Hudayberdiyeva Shahlo Sattarovna – head of laboratory.
25.Sobirova Gulfiya Nasihovna - senior laborant

Department’s technological base
The educational laboratory of department is equipped by the modern equipment. Their number includes weaving looms “SOMET” of the Italian manufacture with Staubli electronic dobby and jacquards; beam warping machine “BENNINGER“ of the Swiss manufacture with electronic control system,  automatic winding machine "MURATA" with electronic and quality control system of the Japanese manufacture, single bed circular knitting machine “FUKUHARA“ (Japan), double bed circular knitting machine “SSANGYONG“ (Korea), sock knitting automat "LAMBDA" (Japan) with programmed control, the modern sewing equipment “JUKI” (Japan).
In department laboratory the new equipment - pneumatic weaving loom TOYOTA JAT 810 is established with assistance and sponsoring of company TOYOTA of Japan.

Department’s innovative cooperation with manufacturing sector
On department is created the group of innovative activity on corporate cooperation with the enterprises, the research centers, foreign firms and higher educational institutions is created. The membership of innovative group includes faculty the staff of the department, leading specialists from related ministries, organizations and industries, masters, researchers.
For all  issues in educational and manufacturing spheres, namely:
    -Enlarging the opportunities of weaving facilities through automatic systems;
    - Discovering technology and formation of mixed-structured weave for clothing;
    -Creating the stockinet weaves that have high hygienic quality and discovering quality indices;
    - Projecting assortment of the weave that is made from mixed thread and creating their design;
    -The effects of density of the upper and lower layers on weave structure and quality;
    -Advancing the technology of  abr fabric manufacturing and implementing it;
    -The analysis of technologic opportunities of stockinet weaving machines that are specialized in manufacturing children’ stockinet products;
    -Producing the high quality products through advancing the process of preparing threads for weaving;
    - Producing technological parameters for weaving khon-atlas in modern weaving facilities;
    -Producing causes of multi layer khon-atlas weaves;
    -the effect of the type of raw material and raport on the technologic parameters and features of abr fabrics.
The group helps collaboratively to address issues arising in manufacturing and educational processes. For today the department cooperates with more than 40 enterprises of the textile industry.

The department conducts innovative cooperation with following enterprises:
 Moscow State University of technology and management after Razumskiy K.G.
 Scientific research Institute of natural fibers of Uzbekistan
 Unitary Enterprice “Fan va Taraqqiyot” 
 Mechanical Engineering Institute of Andijan
 State Engineering university
 Tashkent road transport Institute
 Tashkent state pedagogic university
Secondary and Higher education development                                                                                      

Teaching tools
In educational process on department modern tools of teaching are used. It is equipped with a computer class. Animation programs are used during teaching, as well as programs of designing scientific research activities.

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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