Materials science




Full name of department: Materials science
Founded year: 1957y.
adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Department of “Textile Materials” was founded in 1957 as the head of the chair of Mechanical Technology, Ph.D. Under the leadership of M.K.Hadjinova. Since 1967, the department began training of textile material specialists. The annual graduation is 20-23 people, and they are successfully working in higher education institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the cotton-ginning, textile and light industry, research institutes, laboratories, design institutes and certification bodies.
    In 1970, with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, huge branches were carried out at the Research Laboratory of Problem Science in Cotton.
   From 1972 to 1998, the department was headed by U.Matmusayev, the Honored Worker of Engineering and Higher Education of Uzbekistan. It has developed Scientific-methodological, spiritual-educational work. Under his guidance 12 candidates of technical sciences were trained.
   In 1998-2004 the department was renamed the department "Textile Technology and Material Science", doc. Under the direction of  M.Kulmetov bachelors and engineers-pedagogical personnel are trained in “Technology of textile industry”. Since 2004 department “Textile Materials Science” has been operating separately. In 2009, docent S.Yusupov, docent D.F.Abdullina, dots. R.Akbarov’s leadership and in 2012-2016 the chair was headed by PhD., K.Zh. From 2016 the chair of “Textile Materials” is headed by docent T.A.Ochilov.
The professor-teachers of the department worked in different years: in 1957-1966 the candidate of technical sciences, prof. M.A.Hojinova, PhD., prof. M.M.Matmusaev, PhD., docent. F.G.Gulomova, docent Z.A.Muhamednurova, PhD., associate professor L.M.Omarov, senior teachers K.P.Fazilova, PhD. I.T.Abduraximova, PhD., Sh.M.Mahkamov, k.ok. Tegrudova, Redruxina, B.A.Fazilova, N.G.Abbasova, I.M.Petrosova, Ass. A.M.Reznik, G.Lazarev. From 1967 to 1976 he worked as a PhD. Sh.Sh.Marasulov, Ph.D. F.M.Mukhamednurova, candidate of technical sciences, docent X.Z.Ismatullayeva, PhD., associate professor A.M.Tursunov, Ph.D., associate professor  L.E.Osipova, PhD. D.Z. Xolmuxamedova, ass. X.A.Nizaboyeva.  From 1977 to 1976, PhD., associate professors T. Ochilov, B.Akhmedov, A.Abdugaffarov. From 1997 till 2017 he is the Honored Coach of Uzbekistan prof. E.Sh.Alimboyev, PhD, docent. B.I.Qosimov, candidate of technical sciences, docent.M.Gulmetov, PhD. N.B.Bahtiyarova, PhD. B.Abdusattarov, PhD., docent T.B Murodov, PhD, docent V.T.Isakulov, PhD. K.Boltaboev, PhD. M.Yunushodjayeva, PhD. S.Yusupov, PhD. U.Abdullayev, PhD. K.Z.Yunusov, Phd. R.Akbarov, prof. S.A.Khamryeva, PhD., docent. Sh.A.Usmanova, senior teacheres. E.T.Laysheva, T.A.Toyirova, S.M.Israilova, D.H.Ubaydullayeva, R.J.Mukhtorov, S.S.Saydmuratova, PhD.,  assistants, Z.F.Valiyeva, Sh.E.Tulanov, U.A.Bobotov, B.Turakulov, S.Patxullaev, O.S.Jo‘rayev, M.R.Atanafasov, I.O.Raximov.
     From 1957 to present the department has 560 engineers on specialty "Materials science, examination and quality control of textile and light industry", 35 - bachelors in "Technology of textile materials production", 120 - Bachelors and 172 masters in the field of vocational education (TSMU). Under the guidance of the teachers of the department - 6 doctors of technical sciences and 39 candidates of technical sciences.
Teaching staff of the department: 5 textbooks and manuals (authors: U.M.Matmusayev, M.Kulmetov, T.A.Ochilov, F.J.Abullin, N.G.Abbasova, B.B.Axmedov), 3 monographs (authors T.A.Ochilov, A.A.Abdugaffarov), 576 scientific articles, 380 study guides, 24 patents and copyright certificates, etc.
At the department there is a student scientific circle “Materialshunos” (supervisor - docent T.A.Ochilov, senior lecturer S.U.Patkhullaev), and about 15 advarced students participate in the circle. In 12 educational and research laboratories of the department has a scientific base such as computers, testing equipment, operating models, laboratory complexes.
Developed in the following areas: Complex scientific research on "Improving the technology and technology of producing textile materials using the local raw materials and improving the quality of products" was introduced and put into production.
Scientists of the department carry out scientific researches in the following directions:
- Development of new methods and tools for improving the quality of products, assessing textile materials;
- Development of scientific bases of textile products standardization. In addition, methodological work is underway to create teaching methods.
In the history of the Institute, the Institute has opened its first postgraduate course in 1944 and achieved the following results: 13 copyright certificates on the quality and quality of textile materials quality (Instruments for determining the moisture content of instruments, ceiling moisture detection, Acoustic Components tools for assessing the quality and quality of textile materials, etc.).
The following foreign universities have creative relations:
- Pirey Institute of Technology (Greece);
- Moscow State Textile University;
- Ivanovo State Textile Academy;
- Kostroma State Technical University;
-Gent University (Belgium);
Department of Textile Materials: Education, science-production, corporate cooperation:
-South Korea Ansan University.
- JSC “Uzpakhtasanoat”;
- Scientific-research center of cotton industry;
Uzbek cotton certification center "Sifat";
Uzbekyengilsanoat joint enterprises of JV works on introducing innovation ideas in partnership.
Future plans of the chair: Preparation of highly qualified scientific pedagogical personnel (Doctors of Science-3, Candidates of Science-5), Educational Literature Creation (4 textbooks and manuals, 7). The teachers have created a project for training of 3 classrooms for cotton fiber quality, equipped with modern equipments for textile fibers, yarn and finished products.
In this academic year, ass.S.Patkhullaev and doc. Sh.Usmanova improved her professional skills at Ansan University in South Korea.

     5310900 - Metrology, standardization, product quality management (by industry) and (5320900)-Producing and technology of textile and promotional materials, textile prodigy 5A520905- Producing textile and footwear manufacture and material science. I expertise cotton, textile and light industry. Quality control Graduators work at seientitic research institutions, in the department of laboratory.  Proektnyh Institute, PO organic certification, the quality of the Uzstandart agency cents high institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, especially of cotton manufacture textile industry.

the field of study of bachelors: The field of study of mASTER DEGREE:
1. Textile material science
2.Specific technology (quilimetry and standardization)
3.Special Technology (Technical Control and Quality Assessment)
4.Sometimes measuring instruments
5.Technical supervision and quality management
6. Textile materials
7. Evaluating the quality of the product
8.Metrology, standardization and certification principles
9. Design of technological processes
10.Industry of light industry products
11. Research methods
12. Textile products, technology and equipment
13. Technology of textile products
and quality control
14. Professional skill and engineering work
15.Technical news
16. Materials science materials
17. Material materials of the great things
18.  Materials of leather, leather and fur products
 1. Theoretical bases of technology of production.
Theoretical bases of scientific research
3. Quality management systems in the textile industry
4. Basis for evaluation of quality of textile products
5. Quality of Products and International Standardization
6. Evaluation and forecasting of quality of textile materials
7. Scientific bases of product quality management in textile industry
8. Modern methods of detection of properties of textile products

     Effective cooperation with the Uzbek Center for Quality Seeds, is being carried SJSC “Pakhtasanoat Scientific Center”, SJSC “Uzbekyengilsanoat” and Association “Uzpahtasanoat” out to ensure innovative cooperation with the production enterprises of the department. The results of the diploma projects, masters and doctoral dissertations and economic contracts are presented to the relevant production enterprises. At the Department has been established work on training, retraining and retraining of personnel according to production order.

 1. Ochilov Tulkin Ashurovich - the head of the department, docent
2. Kulmetov Mirpulat Qulmetovich - Ph.D., professor
3. Hamroyeva Sanovar Atoyevna - Ph.D., Professor
4. Abdugafforov Abdusattor Abdugaffarovich - Ph.D. docent
5. Akhmedov Bahodir Buriyevich - docent
7.  Akbarov Rustam Djamolovich - Ph.D., associate professor
8. Yunusov Kamoliddin Zununovich - Ph.D., associate professor
9. Usmanova Shakhnoza  Anvarovna - Ph.D., dot.
10. Laysheva Elmira Talgatovna - senior teacher
11. Israilova Sajida Mirkhalikovna - senior teacher
12. Toyirova Tursunoy Abdugapirovna - teacher of chair
13. Ubaydullayeva Dilora Hamidovna - senior teacher
14. Muhtorov Jurabek Raimberganovich - senior teacher
15. Saidmuratova Salomat Saidazizovna -assistent
16. Valiyeva Zulfiya Faxritdinovna-assistant
17. Tulanov Shamsiddin Erkayevich - assistant
18. Bobotov Ulugbek Amirovich - assistant
19. Turakulov Bakhtiyor Tulkinovich - assistant
20. Pathullaev Sarvar Ubaydullooglu - assistant
21. Juraev Obid Sakhobiddinovich-assistant
22. Aitafasov Muhiddin Rahmanovich - assistant
23. Roximov Ixlos Ozodovich - assistant
24. JanievaMa'mura Boxodievna-assistant
25. Khaydarov Ulugbek - the head of the cabinet
26. Taniberdiyev  Farrukh - the teacher of chair
27. Boyxonov Musurmon - laborant



    The material and technical base of the department is equipped with laboratories, which are equipped for definition and assessment of structure, structure, properties of textile fibers, yarns, and materials. Computerized classroom lectures are available electronically, and database for laboratory and practical exercises is at the disposal of students.
   Speaking sessions on the chair are carried out on the basis of modern educational-methodical complexes on presentation of electronic pro-rector with use of new pedagogical technologies, laboratory and practical classes mainly in computer class and modern equipment in “CentexUz” laboratory and advanced enterprises laboratories.


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