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Faculty of Technology of light industry
Yengil sanoat tеxnologiyasiDean: Akbarov  Rustam Djamolovich
Founded: 1966
Tel: 8371 253-17-73

Fax: 8 371 253-36-17
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Reception days DEAN on personal matters:
Tuesday and Friday from 15:00 to 17:00.

The faculty was founded in 1966.  The founder and the first dean of the faculty was doc. Husniddinov S.H.  The following deans headed the faculty: Yuldashev Y. K.,Sabiorov E.U., Zaletdinov F.F., Muhamedov Sh. A.,Kamilova H.H., Abulniyozov K.I., Yusupov S, Ismailov A.A., Maksudov R.H.   Today the dean of the faculty is doc. Akbarov R.D.
At present time about 900 bachelors and 60 masters on different specialties study at the faculty. Every year educational process  is improved, professional level of the teaching staff is increased, organizational structure of the faculty is improved.
For training students  in accordance with modern requirements of world standards, with the aim of using new equipment and technology studying rooms, labs, creative workshops are renewed and equipped with  computers, electronic blackboard, audiovisual equipment, and modern equipment for light industry. 
CAD-CAM lab was founded at the faculty.  For designing clothes and shoes the lab was equipped with modern atomizing systems of GERBER (USA) and CRISPIN (Great Britain). The devices are widely used for designing graduate qualification works and diplomas, and also master dissertations. Young scientists can go on their studying at post graduate course.
The faulty works in accordance with perspective plans,  adopted by the officials of the institute.
The Faculty of Technology of Light and Printing Industry is an opportunity to get a modern specialty at one of prestige educational institutions of the capital.
The graduates of the faculty can work at enterprises and also found their own enterprises or business.

Akbarov Rustam Djamolovich
Ulug’murodov Abror Nafasovich

Akbarov Rustam Djamolovich
Deputy Dean
Qosimov Diyor Nematullayevich
 Deputy Dean
   Asilbekov Nurjon         Baxtiyorovich
 Deputy Dean
 Odilov Farxod Ro'zaliyevich
  Deputy Dean
Mengnorov Shuxrat Soatovich

 Departments of the faculty:

                         Directions of bachelor course:

  • 5111000-pedogogigal technology (due to speciality)
  • 5320900-technology and construction of light industry good (light industry)
  • 5150900-Design (design of clothes)

Specialties at master course:

  • 5A320902-Technology and construction of sewing goods
  • 5A120901-Design (design of clothes)
  • 5A320903-Technology and construction of leather and fur goods
  • 5A111001-Pedogogical education (due to specialities)
  1. Clothing manufacture construction and technology
  2. Constructing and technology of leather goods
  3. Clothes designing
  4. Physics and Electrotechnics department
  5. Physical culture and sport

Center of talented students

The faculty pays attention to stimulating students on final  results of the academic year. The best students of the faculty distinguished students have an opportunity for getting special scholarship.
Some distinguished students became laureates of President and International grants.
The work with talented students and a high level of training specialists at the faculty give an opportunity for talented youth to take part in many Republican and International competitions with their creative works. It’s the tradition for our talented students to participate in “Art Week”, where shows of famous designers from all over the world are held every year.


Great attention is paid to creative and scientific work with students. There are following scientific circles:  “Technologist”, “Worker of Shoemaking Industry”, “Professional mastership”, “Young polygraphist”, “Sportsman”, “Fashion theatre”.
The clothes of fashion theatre was shown  in international  exhibitions which were held in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, China, India, USA, Syria, Greece, Poland, Great Britain and other countries.
The students of  “Fashion theatre” took  part in many international conferences, exhibitions, for example “Oriental clothes is the source of creative designing”, “Designing in Uzbekistan”, “Textiles and designing” and “Bolajonlar shirintoylar”.
“Fashion theatre” under leadership of chief of designers association “Osiyo Ramzi” , laureate of State Award of the Republic of  Uzbekistan  prof. Kamilova H.H. Sport clothes for National Team of  Uzbekistan was made. In this sport clothes our sportsmen presented our country in Summer Olympic Games in China in 2008, and also Asian games in 2010.

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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