Physics and Electrotechnics department


Full name of department: Physics and electrotechnics "
Founded year:
1933 y.
The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5, building 1
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The history of the chair
      Department of Physics was founded in 1933. It was founded by SVStarodubtsev (later academician, President of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan), UOOripov (later academician, President of Uzbekistan), MXXolmatov (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, scientist and technician) and others. Due to the scientific work of the chair M.Xolmatov defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences Yu.Yu.Yunusov, MA Parankulov, X.M.Kasimov, O.D.Rahimjonova, X.U.Dadakhodjaev, MF Fattaxov and B.Islamov. In 1988-1998 and 2004-2010 - docent XIIsayev worked as the head of the department. In the 2011-2012 academic year the departments of "Chemistry" and "Physics" were united into the "Natural Sciences" department and the head of the department was appointed Associate Professor Sh.I.Karimov. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the Department of "Natural Sciences" and "Automation and Computerization of Technological Processes" was separated from the Department of "Physics and Electrotechnics" and the head of the department was Ph.D. B.Turaev has been appointed. In the 2014-2015 academic year, hydraulics, heat engineering, technical thermodynamics have been added. The department is headed by A.Ulukrmuradov from 2017-2018 academic year.


1. Physics
2. Electrotechnics
4. Theoretical Foundations of Electrotechnics
5. Hydraulics
6. Heat engineering
7. Technical thermodynamics

   Bachelor's Degree:
5111000, 5150900, 5310900, 5311000, 5320300, 5320400, 5320800, 5320900, 5321200, 5610600 -
 Physics, Electrical Engineering, Hydraulics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics

1. Create a humidifier device with a water vapor fiber.
Leader - doc. X.Isayev.
2. Examination of optical and physical properties of semiconductor substances.
Employer - f.m.f.n. B.E.To'rayev.
3. Physics electronics, solid state physics, nanotechnology.
Employer - prof. A.Risboyev
4. Head of Department - Ph.D. I.Yadgarov

The chair of "Physics and Electrotechnics" is the National University named after M.Ulugbek (prof. M.Kurbanov, prof. K.Tursunmetov), Tashkent State Technical University (Prof. K.Bahodarkhanov), Tashkent State Pedagogical University "Physics" (L.Mamadaliyeva), Physics faculty of Termez State Pedagogical University (Academician N.Yu.Turaev), Tashkent Railway Engineers Institute, Department of Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics and Electro-Technics (Associate professor A. Amirov, docent M.Bozorov), department of physics and chemistry of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (docent B X Islomov). In addition, scientific research works are being carried out by the Solar Physics Laboratory of Semiconductor Laboratory of Solar Physics (M.Tursunov), as well as several cotton-cleaning plants in the Tashkent region of UzPost.
The books of the teachers of the department "Physics and Electrical Engineering" for higher education and lyceums and professional colleges:
A.Fattaxov et al. "Physics" Part III, Lectures for Academic Lyceums, 2001 concept, heat engineering books.

 1. Ulukmuradov Abror Nafasovich, head of the department
2. Isayev Hamid f.m.f. docent
3. Fattakhov Mirzakhmad Azizovich, Ph.D., associate professor
4. Hamrayev Kasim Yogmurovich, senior teacher
5. Boymuratov Fahriddin Taqaymurodovich, senior teacher
Masharipova Sayyora Yusupovna, senior teacher
7. Mamayeva Dildora Ahmadjonovna, assistant
8. Kholmatov Askar Arolovich, assistant
9. Hakulov Jahongir Mardonovich, assistant
Adilova Aziza Shukhratovna, assistant
11. O'ljayev Utkir Boymamatovich, assistant
12. Bozorbayev Ilyos Israilovich, assistant
13. Turaev Farhod Farmonovich - assistant
14. Doliyev Asliddin Tulkinjon oglu, assistant
Internal Relatives:
1. Turayev Bahodir Ergashevich, Ph.D.
Abdullayev Oybek Safarovich, assistant
3. Mirzaaxmedova Huriyat, senior teacher,
External Companions:
1. Yadgarov Ishmumin Djabbarovich, Ph.D.
Sultanov Odiljon Ziyamutdinovich, assistant
3. Stelmax Vasily Grigorievich, assistant
Technical staff:
1. Kurbonova Tulganoy Bayrambaevna - Head of Laboratory
2. Pulatov Temur, laboratory assistant
3. Boymonov Shohrux, laboratory assistant
4. Khairullaeva Sarvinoz, laboratory assistant

Under the leadership of experienced teachers, students independently perform laboratory work. Teachers of the department conduct lectures on introduction of innovative technologies (presentations in Microsoft Power Point program), as well as laboratory work lessons with new pedagogical technologies (intelligent attack method, cluster method, etc.). 
 The head of the chair is A.N.Ulukmuradov
Electrotechnics and electronics
laboratory equipment
and rector of the institute S.Zh.Yunusov


       Mechanic and molecular physics room
       Pumping pump from the center.
a laboratory device to be used to
extract water from elevated altitudes


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+99871 253 36 66
+99895 145 27 81

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5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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