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History of the institute
     Tashkent institute of Textile and Light Industry began his work in 1932. At the beginning institute started to prepare for engineers  in four specialties: primary cotton ginning, spinning,    silk and weaving technology. Institute started to train specialties in “Primary processing of bass fires, and “Economy and organizations of textile industry goods”. In 1953 was opened the specialty “technology of sewing production”. “Technology of knitted productions” was opened in 1960. The first chemist-engineers of “technology of chemical fibres” was put into practice in 1961.Next specialties were “chemical technology of fibrous goods” and “ Textile materials science” in 1966.
     At the end of  60-y 70-years it began to train in four new specialties as “Technology of leather goods”, “Machines and apparatus of light industry productions”, “ Engineer-economist of light industry”, “ Technology of textile machinery building”.
That’s why institute was renamed by Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry in 1967.  The specialty of “Technology of printing manufacture” and it began to train the engineers of “Manufacture and work quota settings” in 1980.
    Institute started to train the specialties in two degrees: bachelor and masters only in 1994-1995.
 There are 4 faculties, 25 departments, about 4000 students, 337 professor-teachers, between them 2 academicians, 27 doctor of philosophy, 189 candidates of science and docents at Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry. Institute trains bachelors in 14 fields and masters in 25 specialties. From the founding of this institute were trained more than 45000 high qualified specialties, 700 of them for foreign countries. The academies lyceum of the institute was founded 1998. Institute is the main base directed to specialized subjects for professional colleges. In recent years institute were trained   27 doctors, 189 candidates of science. There were published 33 textbooks and , 43 scientific books monographs , 310 methodological books and lecture texts, 3500 scientific articles , and were given 360 patents, 13 students are the President’s and State scholarships,  140 students are the laureates of named scholarships.
 There are 25 actual scientific themes for large-scale researching and their results are implanting   successfully to the production of textile, light and cotton-cleaning industries.
After independence of Republic it has set the institute’s international relations.
     Institute is the member of - International Textile Academy, International Printing Educational Association, International Silk Association, and fruitfully collaborates with such leading educational institutes. More than   300 professors, young teachers, postgraduates and students passed probation period at the scientific centers of following countries: Germany, England, Belgium, The USA, Japan, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Czech, India, Israel and others. The staff of the institute supports traditional relations with the educational institutes of CIS and with scientific-researching institutes of   the Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan .During this period institute was got more than 6 mln Dollars of US by foreign investments.  The group of our institute is always glad to meet you and introduce   you with the success and multifarious work with pleasure. Institute is one of the first educational institutes of the Republic and the only Textile Institute in Central Asia. Institute looks to the future with sure. Textile, light, and printing industries are developed quickly. It requires new cadres, which trains our institute.


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5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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