Navro‘z umumxalq bayramlarini tashkil etish bo‘yicha doimiy faoliyat ko‘rsatuvchi Respublika komissiyasi majlisining bayoni (06.03.2018 y., 01-07/1-655-son) da belgilangan vazifalar hamda Oliy va o‘rta maxsus ta’lim vazirligining  2018 yil 10 martdagi 227-sonli buyrug‘i ijrosi yuzasidan poytaxtimiz Toshkent shahrida 2018 yilgi “Navro‘z” umumxalq bayramini 21-22 mart kunlari ko‘tarinki ruhda o‘tkazish maqsadida institut talaba-qizlari faol ishtirok etdi. Institut rahbariyati “Navro‘z” umumxalq bayramini ko‘tarinki ruhda o‘tkazishda faol ishtirok etgan talaba-qizlarga o‘z minnatdorchiligini bildiradi.



“Navro‘z” umumxalq bayrami arafasida institut  professor-o‘qituvchilar  va talaba-yoshlarining dam olish kunlarini mazmunli o‘tkazish hamda ichki turizmni rivojlantirish maqsadida 19-22 mart kunlari “O‘zbekiston-madaniyatlar ko‘prigi” shiori ostida sayyohlik marshruti tashkil etildi. Ushbu sayohatning dastlabkisi qadimiy va hamisha navqiron Samarqand, Buxora, Xorazm, Qashqadaryo, Toshkent vilyaoti bo‘ldi. Dastlab professor-o‘qituvchilar va talabalar keyingi yillarda ko‘hna shahrimizda amalga oshirilgan ulkan bunyodkorlik ishlari bilan tanishdi. Shundan so‘ng professor-o‘qituvchilar va talabalar qadimiy shahardagi betakror tarixiy obidalar bilan tanishdilar.



On March, 30th, 2018 at 10:00 o'clock in an audience 1-222 session will take placeScientific council awarding scientific degrees DSc.27.06.2017.Т.08.01 at the Tashkent institute textile and light industry

The agenda:
Protection of thesis for a doctor's degree Аbdugaffarov Кhusniddin on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy on texnical sciences on a speciality 05.02.03-Technological machines. Robots, mechatronics and roboticses systems on a theme “Increasing the efficiency of screw conveyors for the transportation of cotton seeds”.
Scientific secretary of scientific council,              
 doctor of technical sciences, professor       A.Mamatov



It is well known that in the spirituality of our people, there are many examples of the people who learn and practice in their experience. For example, the so-called hashar event is characterized by solidarity, brotherhood and kindness. There is a great deal in the country as well as the announcement of March 18-19 of this year as charity hashar. This spring, in the neighborhoods, labor collectives, charity hasharlari have been organized early in the morning, where the entire population of our country is actively involved. Professors and students of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry are participating at this event in a charitable hashar on the territory of the Institute and in the territory of the Green Park recreational park located in the Sergeli district attached to the institute. Of course, such charitable events are unifying all of us for the sake of one's own end, and it is important for our future owners to build a sense of hard work.



The head of state said that the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 3, 2018 № UP-5326 "On additional organizational measures to create favorable conditions for the development of tourist potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan" as one of the most important factors of socio-economic development of the regions, the intensive development of domestic tourism, the initiative of the leadership of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry for the students of this higher educational institution "Take a trip! a touristic route was organized under the slogan. The first of this trip was ancient and always young Samarkand. In the beginning, the students got acquainted with the enormous creative work done in the ancient city in recent years. Then the tourist bus moved towards the unique historical monuments in the ancient city. -You know, I'm Ferghana. Being in my oldest and ever young Samarkand. I'm really excited now, "said Shahbozbek Adhamjonov, a student of TSTU faculty. You are a great man in the face of the splendor and beauty of the buildings built by your ancestors. It is our duty to preserve these monuments and bring them to the next generation.


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