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Students of the Institute "Summer School"


Five students of the faculty, headed by the dean of the faculty "Technology of textile industry" Avazov Kamil Rakhmatovich, take part in the "Summer school" curriculum at Donghua University of China. Our students are taking part in this program, which is being implemented in the framework of the "One-Way Space" program since 2017. The aim of the program is to strengthen students' knowledge and to get acquainted with the history and culture of China.


Graduation Ceremony of Graduate 2018 Graduation Ceremony was held at the Institute


Educating competent, goal-oriented and energetic young people with modern knowledge and skills, able to assume responsibility for the worthy future of the country is the most important precondition for sustainable and progressive development of the country. Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions and ensure their active participation in comprehensive reforms in the country" and the "Youth-Our future is based on a comprehensive review of the content of the new stage of training, which is mentioned in the Decree of the State Program, training highly qualified personnel, meeting the international standards, assessing the quality of education and training, with a view to improving the quality and effectiveness of the activities of the local authorities, as well as creating effective mechanisms for introducing innovation achievements. In this regard, Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry is preparing specialists who will make a worthy contribution to the development of our country. In this connection, on July 7, the ceremony of awarding the graduates of 79 graduate magistracy specialties "Graduate 2018" was held. The rector of the institute S.Yunusov, Director General of the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information L.Tangriev, the head of the personnel department of the Association "Uztashmashsanoat" S.Odinayev, the head of the department of "Uzbekpaksanoat" .Abdulazizov, chief technologist of "Asia charm fayz" A.Begaliev and all faculties of deans, deans, heads of departments, masters and their parents, as well as mass media representatives. Those who spoke at the event thanked all the alumni and wished them the best of their ability to make a great contribution to this level. At the end of the event, the students were awarded certificates of honor and memorable gifts.



Summer school at the Institute


In order to develop the academic exchange of the partner universities and the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry from July 3 to July 13, 2018, the "summer school" curriculum was created. Students and masters from the Donghua University of China and the Kyrgyz-Turkish University in Kyrgyzstan attended the program. Foreign students were given classes and master classes in the program. It is planned to go to practice in the field of industrial production. In order to make their leisure time more interesting and historical places of our city are organized. On the weekend foreign students will visit Samarkand city together with masters of our institute. The visitors are acquainted with every aspect of Uzbekistan with great interest.





 2018/2019 o‘quv yilining 3 sentyabridan davom ettirish uchun institut talabalarining   o‘qishini ko‘chirish yoki qayta tiklash haqida  arizalari  joriy yilning 15 iyul kunidan 5 avgustiga qadar har kuni soat 9-00 dan 17-00 gacha (yakshanba dam olish kuni; shanba-soat 9-00 dan 15-00 gacha), institut  2-o‘quv binosining 305-xonasida  (3-qavat) qabul qilinadi.
Mas’ul: Shavkat Samatovich Xannanov
Telefon: +99891 -162-68-38                                                         

O‘qishini ko‘chirish (qayta tiklash) istagini bildirgan fuqaro quyidagi xujjatlarni taqdim etadi:
-ko‘chirish (qayta tiklash)ni istagan ta’lim yo‘nalishi (mutaxassisligi), o‘quv tili va shakli ko‘rsatilgan holdagi ariza (arizada o‘qigan oliy ta’lim muassasasi va ta’lim yo‘nalishi (mutaxassisligi), ko‘chirish (qayta tiklash) sabablari, ko‘chirish (qayta tiklash) qoidalari bilan tanishganligi ko‘rsatiladi);
-talabaning reyting daftarchasi yoki belgilangan shakldagi akademik ma’lumotnoma nusxalari;
-pasportning nusxasi.

Asos: O‘zbekiston Respublikasi Vazirlar Mahkamasining 2017 yil 20-iyundagi “Oliy ta’lim muassasalariga qabul qilish, talabalar o‘qishini ko‘chirish, qayta tiklash va o‘qishdan chetlashtirish tartibi to‘g’risidagi nizomlarini tasdiqlash haqida”gi 393-sonli qarori bilan tasdiqlangan “Oliy ta’lim muassasalari talabalarini o‘qishini ko‘chirish, qayta tiklash va o‘qishdan chetlashtirish tartibi to‘g‘risida”gi Nizomi hamda Vazirlikning 2018 yil 27 iyundagi  563-sonli buyrug‘i.
Qabul komissiyasining
mas’ul kotibi K.R.Avazov



On July 10 th 2018 at 10:00 o'clock in an audience 1-222 session will take place Scientific council awarding scientific degrees DSc.27.06.2017.Т.08.01 at the Tashkent institute of textile and light industry.
The agenda:
Protection of thesis for a doctor of philosophy degree (PhD) Gulyaeva Gulfiya on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philosophy on technical sciences on a specialty 05.06.02-Technology of textile materials and initial treatment of raw materials on a theme «Improving of the hygienic properties and form stability of knitted fabrics by changing its structure and using the high-shrinkage lycra thread».


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