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Promotion of Crime and Crime in Students' House


On October 26, 2017, a preventive event on the theme "Crime Punishment Is Inevitable" was held at the 2nd Students' Home. Dean of Technology of the textile industry K.Avazov, senior inspector of the Department of Drug Abuse Prevention of the Yakkasaray district Major J.Nabiev, head of the 68th city department of internal affairs Y.Boybekov and the Institute of Spirituality and Spirituality the head of the department T.Allayarov, the deputy dean for spiritual and educational affairs O.Abdullaev and the students. Participants of the event talked about the crimes committed at the present time in the Higher and Secondary Special Education Institutions. During the event, the young man was warned about the imprisonment as a result of interfering with the heart without knowing it, and a documentary film about the crime and crime was shown.



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