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"Osh contest" was held at the student dormitoryу


The management of the Institute has organized a "Osh Competition" between the faculties of all students living in the Student’s hostel. The first year students participated in the competition held on November 5 this year. O.Elmuradov (Kashkadarya), student of group 22-17 of the Faculty of Automation, Control and Printing, S.Akmalov (Tashkent choyhana OSн), student of group of 3 r-17 the group of Technology of cotton industry O.Elmurodov (Kashkadarya), D.Bakhriddinov (group 21-17 of light industry technology) Samarkand OSн), B.Abdullaev, student of 5-17 group of faculty of Technology of textile industry (Khorezm OSн). S.Akmalov, a student of the 3 rd-17 th group of the Faculty of Technology of Cotton Industry, won the first place and received a place to the final stage.



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