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“Theoretcal bases of manufacturing technology of garments” (author: Tashpulatov, t.f.d, prof. E.G.Andreeva), co-authored by the Russian State University named after A.N.Kosigin and Don State Technical University, The textbook "The system of autonomy projecting of sewing garments" (authors: PhD., prof. V.Cherunova, PhD, docent N.Ya.Saveleva, PhD, prof. Sh.Tashpulatov, PhD., prof. H.Kamilova), the management approved the tasks on implementation of the issues specified in the cooperation agreement and signed the necessary documents. During the service visit detailed information about the history of the institute, its work, specialties and equipment, including certification laboratory, including Korean-Uzbek textile techno-park and presented. It has attracted great interest from all educational institutions and exchanged views on cooperation in the field of technology park activities and its work.


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