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For many years, cooperation has been established between the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry and the Service and Entrepreneurship Institute (Shakhtinsk branch of the Don State Technical University) in the fields of science, education, technology and culture placed during the service trip, one of the main meetings was held at the institute in Shakhtinsk. At the meeting with leading professors and teachers of the department and department of the institute, the concept of scientific mobility, the concept of scientific and innovative cooperation, cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan on the basis of higher education institutions issues and perspectives of their development. In particular, Don State Technical University together with our institute is the Russian-Uzbek grant-rapporteurs, who have been awarded by the Foundation for Fundamental Research and the Science and Technology Development Agency announced by DDTU as the world-renowned scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor Irina Viktorovna Cherunova and TITLI-the doctor of technical sciences, professor Salih Shukurovich Tashpulatov have been negotiating with the executors of the project, the conditions created for them, the planned work, and the protocol signed.


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