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Law student

A student of the Institute has the right to

* obtaining the knowledge, relevant to modern level of development of science, engineering and technology, economy and culture, provided for educational programs;
* participation in discussion of major issues of the entire life of the Institute, a free and open expression of their opinion, not degrading other participants of the educational process;
* respect for their human dignity;
* concessions stipulated by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the local normative acts of the of the Institute;
* assistance on the part of teachers in the case of various kinds of difficulties in mastering of educational disciplines;
* the variety of their activity to acquire knowledge and skills by using all possibilities of the Institute;
* sports, participation in the public life of the Institute.

Responsibilities of the studen

A student of the Institute is obliged:
* to act in all situations for the benefit of the Institute, in every way to take care of honor and maintain the glorious traditions of the Institute, its existing authority;
* to study and work worthy of the title of "the student of the Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry";
* closely monitor all of their actions and remember, that in every moment of his activities, he is faced with a choice between good and evil, honor and dishonor, the legality and the offence;
* guided by his conscience, to make the choice of avoiding anything that may cast a shadow on his honor and bring doubt in his moral principles;
* while in practice in the state, non-state organizations and institutions of the student of the Institute should be aware that their behavior he creates the impression about the Institute as a whole, the quality of specialists trained by it;
* in every way to prevent the use and dissemination on the territory of the Institute of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages (including beer);
* not to cause damage and protect the property of the Institute;
* strictly observe the rules of internal regulations in the Homes of students, as well as the economical use of gas, water and electricity;
* in every way to take care of the preservation of the traditions of the Institute, to promote and assist in the education and training of students of younger courses, to keep them from possible errors. Students at Junior courses should understand and respect to the advice of the students of senior courses;
* follow the rule: in the basis of the relationship of the student of the Institute with the teachers and the employees of the Institute and other higher education institutions are based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation:
* respect the chain of command in the relations with the staff and teachers of the Institute, remain valid in their comments and evaluations;
* provide all possible assistance in the activities of teachers and other staff of the Institute, which to him call for it.

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